Sandbach Child Photographer – Rufus – my personal model


Whilst setting up for another shoot at the weekend I thought, what better opportunity to shoot some photos of my gorgeous little man for his first birthday! I’m determined to do a paint splash with him too when I get the chance!

This time last year I was approaching my due date and wondering nervously what nature had in store. Little did I know what would happen! After another almost 3 weeks of waiting I was induced at Leighton Hospital and endured an eventful labour which ended in an emergency c-section.

Rufus is my absolute world. He is a funny, charismatic little chap who charms everyone he meets. He’s well used to the camera now and poses every time it’s out.

We found out in October that Rufus has Achondroplasia which is the most common form of dwarfism. Basically he’s going to be Mummy’s gorgeous little man forever! As Nana says, ‘He’s going to have a very tall Mummy!’. So far, he’s been very healthy but achondroplasia comes with health concerns that must be monitored. One of the reasons why I’m keen to push my photography career further is because it will hopefully give me the freedom and flexibility that I need to dedicate time to my little man.

I can’t believe he turns one in a couple of weeks!


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