March 2017

Getting in front of the camera – Cheshire Portrait Photographer

So today I had to get in front of the camera to take a self portrait for my website. I wanted customers to see my face so that they felt more at ease before booking and so that they can see I’m a real person!

Wow, it was nerve wracking! I’d set up my lights and backdrop, set my light meter and camera, checked my white balance and focus point then handed over the reigns to my mum. I popped her up on a stool to get nice and high and it was finally my turn in front of the camera. It was much harder than I thought! I felt a little nervous and wasn’t really sure what to do. Thankfully mum and I have always had a good relationship with photographing each other and she made me feel at ease.

It certainly made me realise how important the role of a professional photographer really is. We are there to make our customers relax but also as a director and to give them something to think about rather than just cramming a lens in their face and expecting a miracle!

Every photo shoot I try strive to make my customers feel as comfortable as possible. We chat first about their ideas and my ideas and then I tend to ease them in by taking photos of the baby or children first and then getting everyone in together for the all important family portrait. It is sometimes helpful to look down lovingly at your children for the first few shots as these pictures are always treasured but it also gets you used to the lights, setting and the fact you are being photographed. I also love the whole kiss on the cheek shot from dad!

If you’d like to see my self portrait in action and more details about myself and my photography then check out my About Me page.

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Cheshire Baby Photographer – 6 Month old Scarlett's Sitter Portrait Session

Scarlett’s already been popping up all over my news feed because she is the daughter of one of my best friends but I thought it was time for her blog! I’ve known Scarlett’s mum for about 6/7 years now. Since then, both of our lives have been on fast forward and we’ve both come out of long term relationships, started new ones, got married and had babies! I think if you’d have told us that back then we never would have believed you but I honestly feel so lucky to have Tanya in my life. She is an amazing woman who’s been through so much and has managed to come out of the other side as a kind, loving person who treats everyone she meets like royalty.

Last September Tanya had Scarlett and since then she’s been one of Little Primrose Photography’s most used models! Scarlett has a fantastic personality. She is smiles and giggles her way through life but also has this magic way of pulling a deadly serious facial expression followed by a completely crazy one!

As soon as she turned 6 months I was desperate to get Scarlett into the studio for a sitter session. We dressed her up in some gorgeous sitter outfits that I’ve had specially made for my babies and adorned her in pearls and flowers!

Sitter sessions are probably one of my favourite sessions to shoot as babies have developed their own personality and they look fantastic dressed up in cute little outfits and accessories.

If you’d like to see more details and examples of my sitter sessions check out my sitters page.

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Sandbach Cake Smash and Child Portrait Photographer – Valentino, the 'wild child'!

When Valentino’s Mum contacted me what feels like months ago now, she was very excited to discuss the theme that she’d decided on already which was ‘Wild child!’. She had very specific ideas about headdresses and tepees and I couldn’t have been more excited! I really love it when parents have a specific theme in mind and come armed with their own ideas and props.

As your cake smash photographer I will discuss themes with you after you have booked your appointment and I will try my best to provide all props and outfits for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Valentino and his brother and family arrived like a whirlwind in my studio and we ran about for a good hour trying on outfits, playing with props and of course, taking loads of fantastic photographs!

We began with a family photo shoot which is included in all cake smash shoots. We also squeezed in some sibling shots with just the boys and their headdresses. Then Nana popped Valentino’s brother home so that we could focus on the birthday boy and his celebration!

I’ve never seen a baby tuck into a cake so quickly! His hands were straight in there and he polished off about half of it before we called it quits, concerned about a major sugar rush!

Valentino is such a beautiful, smiling little boy who’s personality shines through every image. I love his colour scheme and theme which matches his personality completely.

Here’s what Mum said about the shoot:

“Amazing service from the very first email to the finished product!
I enjoyed working with Lisa to bring my vision for the photoshoot to life. We emailed back and forth a few times discussing ideas and we were both very excited.
The studio time was fun, not rushed at all and we finally stoped once half the cake was almost gone! We enjoyed every minute and so did our wild boys as can be seen from the images. We would highly recommend Little Primrose Photography and we are so pleased with our pictures. X” – Bella Goss

If you’d like to see more information about my cake smash sessions then check out my cake smash page.

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Cheshire Newborn Photographer – Twins – Seth and Rory

“There’s two to wash, two to dry; There’s two who argue, two who cry; There’s two to kiss, two to hug; and best of all, there’s two to love!” – Jerry Smith

I’ve been looking forward to writing this blog for a while! These twin boys, Seth and Rory, came to the studio in Sandbach, Cheshire for their newborn photo shoot a few weeks ago.  They were absolutely brilliant to photograph. They arrived at the studio asleep, left asleep and barely woke up in between!

The boys are definitely not identical twins and have very individual personalities.  Seth is the bigger, older twin who was more confident and comfortable the majority of the time. He slept peacefully through his own photo shoot and even gave me a lovely smile when he was all wrapped up in his potato sack pose. His brother Rory lived up to his ‘roary’ name and was a little less peaceful throughout the session. He pulled the most amazing facial expressions! I tried hard to capture his intriguing personality through his individual shots.

When they were together, the twins were very peaceful. They clearly enjoyed the closeness. They cuddled up and held hands just like they might have done in the womb. I told Mum and Dad that they would have to remind the boys of these moments when they are older and falling out with each other!

I created a unique collection of images for the family. The twin boys made beautiful models and I really enjoyed dressing them up in little animal bonnets to show off their cuteness!

I’m a newborn photographer in Sandbach.  If you’d like to book a newborn shoot, please don’t delay. Book any time after your 12 or 20 week scan as I limit how many newborns are booked in per month to ensure flexibility for my Mummies. For more information on my newborn work check out my newborn photography page.

To book or if you have more questions call Lisa on 07702220585 or for more options head to my contact page.

Cheshire Newborn Photography – Millicent


My absolute passion lies with photographing newborns. They are just stunning to me in their own natural way and I adore the way that they look so relaxed in their beautiful, sleepy poses.

Sometimes I have a photo shoot and I know from the minute the family walk through the door that it’s going to be a very special session. When Wayne and Sarah brought Millicent to me, I felt exactly like this. They were clearly such a loving couple and you could see how much this tiny bundle of joy meant to them.

Millicent was brilliant throughout the session. She reclined into every pose and gave us a little smile straight away! As soon as I got to work I was very aware of a presence behind me. It was Wayne. I thought, oh goodness, a protective father watching what I’m doing! I turned around and he had tears streaming down his face, he put his hand on my shoulder and told me what an amazing job I was doing. I felt absolutely blessed.

We did beanbag shots which looked stunning with Millicent’s olive complexion on my dark brown backdrop. We then moved to parent shots and Wayne cried again as he watched his beautiful wife holding his daughter close to her – he must feel so proud! Finally, we moved onto prop shots and Millicent was the picture of spring in her basket surrounded by white Tulips.

When I see these gorgeous babies come into my studio I never take for granted the difficulties that they have overcome to get into this world. Some couples battle for many years to get pregnant, some babies leave this world before they’ve even visited us and others struggle with terribly difficult labours. Every baby is a miracle. A newborn photo shoot is the perfect way to remember this amazing yet often very emotional time.


If you’d like to book a newborn shoot, try not to wait until baby is born. Although I will try to accommodate all enquiries, it is best to get booked in after your 12 or 20 weeks scan.

For more examples of my work take a look at my newborn page.

To book your own shoot or for more information, contact Lisa on 07702220585 or use my contact page.

3 month old photo shoot, Sandbach – Willow


“A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous.”

As soon as Willow, her Mum and Grandma entered my studio I could see what a strong bond there was between the three of them. Willow is a beautiful little girl and obviously has a fantastic group of strong women around her to be her role models as she grows up.

Willow’s Mum contacted me because she’d seen my work and had regrets that she hadn’t made it for a newborn shoot but this isn’t always possible in those difficult early weeks and I completely understand that. Willow came for a shoot as a slightly older baby but we managed to get some absolutely stunning images. Even some sleepy ones!

I love photographing babies that are a little older just as much as newborns because they start to get their little personalities and unique facial features. Willow was just gorgeous, so many cheeky smiles and glances!

We got plenty of different poses and had lots of fun. Just like all babies I’ve had in the studio, Willow was a sucker for my little wooden bed and got all snuggled and went to sleep.

If you’ve missed the newborn time slot for images but still want to try and capture those sleepy poses and delicate, tiny features, contact me now. 

Sandbach Cake Smash Photography – Isla


I love to see babies and families returning to Little Primrose Photography! It’s one of my favourite things about the job. It was so lovely to see Isla again after I’d photographed her before Christmas at our Daisy Christmas Special.

Isla and her Mum and Dad came to the studio to celebrate her first birthday. Mum gave me free reign over the decoration but said she liked pink and grey. I absolutely went to town! I bought some gorgeous new bunting and tested out all my new spring flowers! I decorated it exactly as I would do if I had a baby girl myself.

Isla was a super star. She enjoyed every second of the shoot and posed throughout! She had the most amazing outfits that Mum had brought with her to wear. The colour scheme is so modern and classy for a young lady!

We had a family portrait session too which comes as part of every cake smash the Little Primrose Photography provides.

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Cheshire newborn photography – 6 week old Stanley


Stanley’s Mum and Dad were kindly given a gift voucher from a friend for a free photo shoot at Little Primrose Photography when Stanley was born. As he had been a bit poorly with reflux in the first few weeks of life, we were very flexible with timings and Stanley finally made it to the studio in Sandbach at 5 weeks old. Sometimes this can be a difficult age to photograph as babies have more awake time but Stanley was a great model and slept for a lot of his shoot. As a parent myself I completely understand how difficult it is to come out to a studio in those first few weeks of life!

We started off with some beanbag poses, Stanley was very active, checking what we were doing and looking at the camera. We got some beautiful images of Stanley’s absolutely gorgeous eyes while he reclined in comfort.

Stanley loved being snuggled up in my little baby bed as most babies seem to! He enjoyed being wrapped up tight and fell straight to sleep.  He looks so sweet with my little hand felted teddy bear, one of my own recent projects. His bonnet is handmade in mohair from The Yarn Owl Nest, a great UK based knitter.

The first few weeks and months of a baby’s life are so different to any other time. Their tiny fingers and toes will never be this small again! Make sure to capture every moment.

A newborn shoot is a great way to preserve these precious memories and a gift voucher makes a fantastic gift for new parents either as a baby shower gift or when baby is born. If you know anyone who’s expecting a baby in 2017 and you’d like to purchase a gift voucher, contact Lisa now!

Paint Splash – Sandbach child photographer – Freddie!


Lucy was due to have Freddie 1 week before my own little boy. I remember Lucy and I sitting anxiously, eating a big chinese one night, nine months pregnant and chatting about our babies and when they’d finally make an appearance. Little did I know, I’d have another 3 weeks to wait!! Lucy, however, gave birth 2 days later!

Freddie is a beautiful little boy. As you can see from my photographs! His brown hair and dark eyes are captivating and he has the personality to match! He’s a cheeky chappy who always has a smile on his face and LOVES singing!

I’ve always been keen to get Freddie into the studio so I was really excited to hear that Lucy and Si wanted to do a paint splash! Rainbow colours at the ready and waterproof mats on standby!

Freddie was an absolute star throughout the shoot. He had his portrait session wearing a set of dungarees that Lucy made. I’m really lucky that she’s been making some outfits for me to use in the studio for babies and sitters. She’s a talented lady!

Freddie’s images are a lovely collection that varies from rich brown to suit his colourings to bright and vibrant to match his personality!

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