Getting in front of the camera – Cheshire Portrait Photographer

So today I had to get in front of the camera to take a self portrait for my website. I wanted customers to see my face so that they felt more at ease before booking and so that they can see I’m a real person!

Wow, it was nerve wracking! I’d set up my lights and backdrop, set my light meter and camera, checked my white balance and focus point then handed over the reigns to my mum. I popped her up on a stool to get nice and high and it was finally my turn in front of the camera. It was much harder than I thought! I felt a little nervous and wasn’t really sure what to do. Thankfully mum and I have always had a good relationship with photographing each other and she made me feel at ease.

It certainly made me realise how important the role of a professional photographer really is. We are there to make our customers relax but also as a director and to give them something to think about rather than just cramming a lens in their face and expecting a miracle!

Every photo shoot I try strive to make my customers feel as comfortable as possible. We chat first about their ideas and my ideas and then I tend to ease them in by taking photos of the baby or children first and then getting everyone in together for the all important family portrait. It is sometimes helpful to look down lovingly at your children for the first few shots as these pictures are always treasured but it also gets you used to the lights, setting and the fact you are being photographed. I also love the whole kiss on the cheek shot from dad!

If you’d like to see my self portrait in action and more details about myself and my photography then check out my About Me page.

If you’d like to book a shoot with Little Primrose Photography then please give me a call on 07702220585 or use my contact page.



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