June 2017

Newborn photographer – Sandbach, Middlewich, Nantwich, Holmes chapel – Cheshire – Baby Amber


Newborn baby portrait photographs – Amber

A couple of weeks ago baby Amber and her family visited the studio. She came with her parents and her VERY well behaved big brother!

After having a boy, mum and dad were quite keen to use a pink colour scheme so we went with it! I’m not usually a fan of pink as I prefer to stick to very neutral, earthy tones but as I’d been given a blush pink backdrop and matching accessories on my last training session I decided to give it a whirl! I was pleasantly surprised! I think it’s really subtle and beautiful!

Amber was a superstar – she really enjoyed posing for the camera and we managed to get lots of shots of her and her brother; two different props and lots of beanbag poses plus the essential family portraits too!

I decided to co-ordinate the pink with a little bit of forest green when she was in the bed prop. So beautiful! She looks like a little wood nymph.

Here’s a couple of behind the scenes videos so you can see what we got up to:

​[wpvideo cVeK2i0B]​​

[wpvideo 9IZKPvLb]​

Check out her gorgeous pictures below!

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Newborn baby photographer – Sandbach, Cheshire – James

James – May 19th 2017

Newborn and baby photography in and around Sandbach, Cheshire.

James’s Mum saw my images on Facebook after James was born. She fell in love with my style and really wanted a newborn portrait session but she was concerned that she might be too late as James was already here! Luckily, I had some availability and we brought James in along with his loving parents and a beautiful horses saddle! Obviously this had to be used! James didn’t go anywhere near the saddle – as baby safety is paramount, this shot was created by compositing two images together, one of the saddle and one of James, safely on my beanbag.


James was an absolute superstar for his entire session! We managed to get several different props and set ups as well as a range of beanbag poses and parents images.

I think James’s parents really enjoyed the peaceful moments together as a new family. Sometimes a newborn shoot is enjoyable simply because it gives you time on your own, away from the barrage of visitors and you can enjoy those hours together as you watch your baby being dressed up in adorable outfits and settled into a deep sleep in stunning props and positions.

On the very same afternoon, Tori left a 5* review of Little Primrose Photography and said:

“We had such an amazing time this morning with James!! Cannot wait to see the pictures thank you so much xx”

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Newborn and baby photography – Sandbach, Cheshire. Lily from Brereton.

Little Lily from Brereton.

When Lily’s mum, Jodie got in touch about booking her new baby in for a session she was worried she’d left it too late as Lily had already been born. I had some availability and talked about times and dates but like many new mums, Jodie found the first couple of weeks after birth quite overwhelming and struggled to find the time to come to the studio.


A couple of weeks later as I was browsing artificial flowers, I spotted the most beautiful pink Lily and it reminded me that Jodie had never booked in and was missing the opportunity of newborn photos with her gorgeous little girl! I bought the Lily and send Jodie and photograph of it, reminding her that, even at 5 weeks old, Lily could still come and have a newborn session as she would likely still curl up and sleep like a newborn.


I’m so happy that she decided to come in and have a portrait session. Little baby Lily was absolutely great! She slept for the majority of the session and we got some fantastic parent pictures with mum and dad. (My first professional rugby player – Will! 🙂 ) Lily really enjoyed being wrapped up and she was rocking the pink polka dot fabric I have. When she did wake up her eye contact with the camera was amazing and we got some stunning awake shots!

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Baby photography – Sandbach, Cheshire – Baby Lucas


Baby Lucas from Nantwich, Cheshire

“When my baby is sleeping, that’s when I think….

Wow, I made that!”

-Maria Jose Ovalle

I met Lucas’s mum, Amy, at the Little Munchkin’s Market in Nantwich while she was still pregnant with Lucas. It turned out she was the lucky winner of my prize draw which meant a free shoot and free print!

When Lucas was born Amy booked in with her extended family in tow – her own little boy, husband and step daughter. What a STUNNING family they are!

Lucas was a brilliant little super star who slept the majority of the session. His beanbag poses took a little bit of extra settling but he was happy to pose with his brother and sister for as many photos as I wanted to take!

Here’s some highlights from the shoot. I personally adore the serene image of mum holding Lucas, so beautiful.

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Cheshire newborn photographer – Tips to get your baby to sleep.

‘I’m a new mum and this is all very new to me! How do you get my baby to sleep through a whole session?’


As a newborn photographer, a lot of my job is getting your baby to sleep and keeping them that way! As I’ve trained and practised, I’ve picked up some fantastic tips on how to get babies to sleep and keep them asleep. Now I’m going to share them with you.

I had a family in my studio today to view their gallery of images. As the photographs flashed up on the screen of their beautiful baby asleep in lots of different outfits, different poses, cuddling teddy bears, wrapped up, naked…. etc. etc. Grandma asks “did baby sleep the whole way through all of this?!” And the answer was ‘Yes!’ well…. most of the it…
I’m a baby-led photographer and my sessions always allow plenty of time for baby to feed, be cuddled and just generally be a baby. But I also have lots of tricks and techniques to get baby to sleep and keep them that way. You might find this list helpful as a guide of what to expect at your newborn session or you may also find the tips helpful for you to use at home!
Number 1: Wrap!
Babies love to be wrapped. I always begin my session with baby wrapped up and upright in the ‘potato sack’ pose. This is because they are wrapped up tight, snug as a bug with their legs folded right up onto their tummy and their hands up by their face. They are warm and secure just like in their mummy’s womb. Also, the upright position of the pose releases any trapped wind that may be lurking and that’s why this pose gets the most smiles!
Number 2: White noise
I use an app on my phone (on aeroplane mode) called ‘sleepy sounds’. It plays natural sounds such as rainfall which was my little boys favourite as a baby. Babies love white noise as it’s similar to being in the womb again.
Number 3: Shushing
When in their mummy’s tummy, baby would hear the wooshing noises of mum’s intestines and organs all around it and it would be loud enough to drown out all other noise. That’s why baby’s like to be shushed! It has to be quite loud as they can often still have a little fluid in their ears. They love this noise so much! Some photographers like to use a piece of equipment called a ‘shusher’ which is available from Amazon; I prefer to shush myself as I feel I can vary the sound more and have more control over it so baby doesn’t get sick of it or allow it to blend into the background.
Number 4: Rocking
I have a trademark rock which is like a figure of 8 hip swing. Standing with baby, holding them tight to my chest and shushing them whilst rocking is a sure-fire way of getting even a restless baba off to the land of nod. If this doesn’t work, baby is probably too hungry to sleep. Even when I’m getting baby off to sleep in a prop or on the beanbag in a pose, a little rock goes a long way.
Number 5: Tapping
Babies love a bum tap! When they are curled up in the womb, their bum is the closest thing to mum’s heart and a bum tap replicates mum’s heartbeat and relaxes them instantly. If baby doesn’t like a tap, then a rock or stroke will do it.
Number 6: Stroking their face
Sometimes all baby needs is to lie still, be shushed and have a little face stroke. Stroking down the forehead to the nose works the best as it makes them close their eyes and drift off to sleep. Usually I’ll give a couple of stroked then hold my hand over baby’s eyes. Works a treat!
Number 7: Feeling secure
Above all else, baby has to feel secure before they will relax into sleep. That’s why they panic when they are stripped off and their body jerks open with arms stretched out. It’s just natural protection instinct. To stop this, they must feel secure. Therefore, when I’m wrapping or undressing baby, I’ll always try to keep 3 points of contact. As soon as their arms and legs are secure they will begin to relax more.

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newborn baby photographer - Sandbach, Cheshire - purple baby girl

newborn baby photographer - Sandbach, Cheshire - wrapped baby girl, halo, love rosalie

Sandbach baby photographer – Millie

“You’ll be her first role model, her first friend, her first love….

You are her mum and she is your whole world…

She is your little girl.”

It’s so lovely when a local baby comes to the studio. Millie’s parents hadn’t seen my photographs before but her grandma spotted my work on Facebook and contacted me to book straight away as her little granddaughter had already been born. I always try my best to fit babies in late notice and Millie was no exception.

Millie came later that week to my studio accompanied by her lovely parents. Unfortunately poor Dad was suffering from a bad cold! I dosed him up with some lemsip max strength – all part of the service 😉

We got a fantastic collection of images both in props, posed on the beanbag and on my gorgeous new brown real wool rug.

The colour scheme was very earthy and organic to showcase the natural beauty of baby Millie who really shone in her images. It included a lovely handmade outfit from Floffytops and a stunning bead and pearl halo from Love Rosalie. Finally, she rested on a lovely chunky knit stuffer from Cwtchi Coo in my favourite little prop at the moment – my little grey basket.

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