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Creative newborn photography is my absolute passion and I take pride in being a total perfectionist. Your photographs will not just be memories, they will be unique, exclusive art with your baby in the centre of it all.

My vision is to enhance your baby’s innocence and natural beauty with the use of dark, sultry colours and organic props. Your baby will be safely cocooned in comfortable swaddles and coaxed into a series of relaxed poses while you watch over them. I’ll also ensure that I capture the essential, tiny details that you’ll want to look back on in the years to come.

As a mum of two boys myself, I completely understand the importance of safety and cleanliness when it comes to your family. My studio is a hygienic environment and I am fully trained in paediatric first aid. I swaddle babies frequently during sessions to make them feel comfortable and secure, this is entirely safe and highly enjoyable for your baby as they’ve just been folded up inside their mummy for 9 months and relish the opportunity to feel like they are back inside the womb.  When we do unwrapped photographs, your baby will be in cute little outfits, comfortable poses and I will ensure that they are safe, warm and calm at all times.

The day of your shoot is dedicated to you and my sessions are entirely baby-led so there’s plenty of time to feed and comfort your baby.  This patience and care is how I create such a varied and beautiful gallery of images.




There are two types of sessions available: Standard Newborn Session or a Mini Newborn Session.

For all pricing information click on the image below to see which type of session would suit your needs and budget, if you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Full session or mini, are you still undecided? Which one is for you? click here to watch me explain.


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Frequently Asked Questions – Newborn

Usually between 2-3 hours because we allow time for baby to be settled and comfortable. I completely understand that new Mums and Dads are keen to return to the comfort of their routine and I try to gather images for a complete collection as quickly as possible but you should come to the shoot with the mindset that it will take as long as it takes dependant on how baby is that day.

I am a baby-led photographer which means that if baby is awake, we will take some gorgeous awake shots and capture that fantastic eye contact of a nosy baby. When they want to sleep I will allow them to be completely comfortable and relax into natural poses. If in the very rare circumstances baby is ill or completely unsettled then it would be entirely possible to reschedule for a date in the near future when baby will be more at ease.

I am a self-confessed prop addict. I just can’t stop buying gorgeous little outfits, bonnets and headbands! I’m also always on the lookout for larger antique or bespoke pieces to make your shoot unique. I have an artistic eye for which colours and pieces go together to make striking, creative photographs so rest assured your gallery will be one-of-a-kind!

Some parents express concern about posing and wrapping and the possibility of baby being uncomfortable. May I take this time to reassure you that I never pose baby or place them in props when they are not at their most comfortable. This means that I only move baby into poses that they naturally go into themselves and I only do this when they are content and safe. I pride myself on this natural style of newborn photography which shows off your baby in a beautiful, relaxed positions, artistically posed and decorated with bespoke accessories and props.  I think it’s important to also focus on your baby’s tiny details such as lips, hands, eyelashes and toes so you should expect some macro shots too.

I have a cute collection of outfits and wraps in a range of colours that baby will wear. If you’d like naked photos to show baby at their most pure and innocent then I will be happy to oblige. Your baby is usually the most comfortable when swaddled so for a lot of the session baby will be wrapped.

My studio will be very warm, please make sure you wear cool, loose fitting clothing. My Newborn sessions include parent shots and a full family portrait so bear this in mind when selecting your own clothes. Keep it neutral and timeless – avoid logos and strong patterns that could age.

Most customers book their session before baby arrives, after their 20 week scan. However, I know life never goes to plan and babies always surprise us! Therefore, I limit how many newborns I take a month so that I can usually accommodate all photo shoots.

If your baby has already been born and you feel like you have missed the newborn stage but would still like similar photographs taken of your baby then please get in touch. I have photographed many older babies and this is usually not a problem at all, it just means you might have more awake photos! Sometimes mums prefer to wait a little while until they are more settled in with a new baby before getting photographs taken. I have taken beautiful photographs of babies in a newborn style up to 8 weeks old!


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