Baby photographer – Cheshire – Willow

Baby photographer – Cheshire – Willow

Newborn photoshoot – Sandbach, Cheshire.

Baby Willow’s baby photos.

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Baby Willow’s father contacted me after Willow had already been born. He told me his wife was in love with my photos and was pestering him to get them booked in ASAP! Always lovely to hear and even after baby has been born, I try my best to fit customers in.

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Mum wanted lots of pink after her first child was a boy. I don’t usually do a lot of pink but recently customers have been requesting it as their second child is a girl and they are sick of blue in the house! πŸ™‚

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Willow seemed to really enjoy her session, smiling throughout! We did a few different prop set ups and lots of beanbag posing. We went really mad on the pink theme! haha.

Willow was over 3 weeks old during her newborn shoot, I take babies up to 6 weeks old, you just have to expect them to be a little more awake during their shoot after 2 weeks old! The ideal stage is 5-10 days as baby is in an established feeding routine but is still all curled up and easy to pose as well as sleepy.

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