Cheshire Newborn Photography – Millicent


My absolute passion lies with photographing newborns. They are just stunning to me in their own natural way and I adore the way that they look so relaxed in their beautiful, sleepy poses.

Sometimes I have a photo shoot and I know from the minute the family walk through the door that it’s going to be a very special session. When Wayne and Sarah brought Millicent to me, I felt exactly like this. They were clearly such a loving couple and you could see how much this tiny bundle of joy meant to them.

Millicent was brilliant throughout the session. She reclined into every pose and gave us a little smile straight away! As soon as I got to work I was very aware of a presence behind me. It was Wayne. I thought, oh goodness, a protective father watching what I’m doing! I turned around and he had tears streaming down his face, he put his hand on my shoulder and told me what an amazing job I was doing. I felt absolutely blessed.

We did beanbag shots which looked stunning with Millicent’s olive complexion on my dark brown backdrop. We then moved to parent shots and Wayne cried again as he watched his beautiful wife holding his daughter close to her – he must feel so proud! Finally, we moved onto prop shots and Millicent was the picture of spring in her basket surrounded by white Tulips.

When I see these gorgeous babies come into my studio I never take for granted the difficulties that they have overcome to get into this world. Some couples battle for many years to get pregnant, some babies leave this world before they’ve even visited us and others struggle with terribly difficult labours. Every baby is a miracle. A newborn photo shoot is the perfect way to remember this amazing yet often very emotional time.


If you’d like to book a newborn shoot, try not to wait until baby is born. Although I will try to accommodate all enquiries, it is best to get booked in after your 12 or 20 weeks scan.

For more examples of my work take a look at my newborn page.

To book your own shoot or for more information, contact Lisa on 07702220585 or use my contact page.

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